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The Humble Bees is a international group of research, education and mediation professionals who share their knowledge and experiences with others in the form of consultancy services and with each as a community of practice.

The bumble bee (or in old English, the humble bee) is an insect that due to its weight and the size of its wings should not be able to fly. Yet, it does. Moreover, bumble bees are great pollinators.

The humble bee represents our philosophy: defying what seems impossible with enthusiasm, sound strategies backed up by research and a wide range of tools.

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New article: Youth-friendly safe-havens

Youth-friendly safe havens: Enablers of youth peace work http://www.peaceagency.org/en/2020/01/30/youth-friendly-safe-havens-enablers-of-youth-peace-work/


Book: Youth in Africa: Agents of Change

Resultado de imagen de la juventud en africa

Book in the Casa África Series. Available in: https://www.catarata.org/libro/la-juventud-en-africa-impulsora-del-cambio_83315/

Peace education online course in English and Vietnamese


The United Network of Young Peacebuilders and Universitat Oberta de Catalunya are  developing an online for Volunteers for Peace Vietnam, members of SCI